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Who is TheSavvyTravelerPro.com & How Can He Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Next Vacation?

I have a crazy question… What is keeping you from enjoying more vacations? Time? Money? Both?

I Will Explain Below How I Overcame These Challenges And Now I Want To Help You Do The Same

My name is Karey Carbaugh.

I spent 17 years working for a Fortune100 company…

I was making decent money, but never could take time off to use the vacation I was accruing…

Then it happened, after working 24 hours of overtime one weekend, I was laid off.

I had been working in computers, so that’s all I knew…

I tried being a private consultant, but quickly realized I had no clue how to market myself.

There I was, I had time and no money to travel…

After 5 years of consulting and doing odd jobs,… dipping into savings… I got another “J O B”.

There I was again, no time for vacation…

The vacation quickly accrued and I was at risk of losing time I had banked…

…And now, I was working for almost half what I was making before, so less money to travel…

I had stumbled on an affordable way to travel, just before getting my new “J O B”, when I had no money, but now, I had no time for long vacations, and less money than before…

Then it hit me,… with these affordable vacations, I could take long weekends and explore places I had never seen before! Cruises that cost less than staying home, rides on WWII plains, Four Diamond hotels in Las Vegas and Toronto that even I could afford and this was just the beginning!

Are you interested in the discovery I made that allows me to enjoy these once in a lifetime experiences as often as I want… Check off “bucket list” items and experience more enjoyment in life?

If so, please click the link below and provide your contact information on the next page so that I can contact you to hear your story and dreams.

I look forward to an opportunity to talk with you personally.

Karey Carbaugh
The Savvy Traveler Pro

Get Started on The Path To Better Vacations…

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